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Without volunteers like you, Companion Pets in Crisis (CPIC) would not be able to save hundreds of lives every year, or provide valuable support services to our communities

Volunteer positions include:

  • Emergency & Non-Emergency Responders

  • Emergency Vet Tech Responders

  • Ambassadors

  • Event Planners, Public Speakers

  • Fundraisers

  • Donor Liaisons, Grant Writers

  • Virtual Positions

  • Social Workers

  • Creative Writers, Social Media Specialists


We welcome:

  • Students: Vet/Vet Tech, Social Worker, EMT

  • Community Members who wants to make a difference by helping others in need

  • Animal Lovers

  • Current or Past First Responders (any type)

  • Vet Technicians or Veterinarians

  • Social Workers

  • Red Cross DAT Volunteers (past or present)

  • FEMA’s C.E.R.T Volunteers

  • Retirees

Emergency Response Team 

Response teams (emergency or non-emergency) are dispatched by a supervisor. Services provided may be immediate medical assistance to pets, food and supplies to families displaced, loss-of-life services (retrieval, transport, & cremation), or other partner resources.

Ambassadors / Outreach

Attending events, planning and executing fundraisers, presenting community awareness seminars, and networking with community members and partners are all within the scope of this position.

Virtual Volunteering

Virtual volunteer positions are just as vital to CPiC’s success as responders out in the field. Virtual Volunteers can help to post on social media, get donations, build partnerships with local organizations, and much more! If you have a unique talent, CPiC may be able

to find a unique position for you.

Remote Positions & Training

CPiC volunteers will have access to online training material and media sent out occasionally for job-specific tasks, as well as in-person training for some positions.

Therapy Dog Program

Our C.A.R.E support program provides first responders with certified therapy dog visits.  When requested by certain departments teams will be deployed to make a visit to one of our local fire, police or 911 dispatch centers when requested on a scheduled or urgent bases. To qualify must be in current standing with a recognized therapy dog certified organization.

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