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Without volunteers like you, Companion Pets in Crisis (CPIC) would not be able to save hundreds of lives every year, or provide valuable support services to our communities

Volunteer positions include:

  • Emergency & Non-Emergency Responders

  • Ambassadors

  • Event Planners, Public Speakers

  • Fundraisers

  • Donor Liaisons, Grant Writers

  • Virtual Positions

  • Social Workers

  • Creative Writers, Social Media Specialists

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We welcome:

  • Students: Vet/Vet Tech, Social Worker, EMT

  • Community Members who wants to make a difference by helping others in need

  • Animal Lovers

  • Current or Past First Responders (any type)

  • Vet Technicians or Veterinarians

  • Social Workers

  • Red Cross DAT Volunteers (past or present)

  • FEMA’s C.E.R.T Volunteers

  • Retirees

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