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Our Vision

Companion Pets in Crisis is committed to promoting and enhancing the connection between humans and animals in times of crisis. Our goal is to keep pets and their families together by providing support and disaster relief efforts to our community. We aim to eliminate obstacles and guarantee that pets are not abandoned during difficult times.


We are committed to improving the well-being of animals and strengthening our communities resilience.

We work closely with emergency management agencies, animal welfare organizations, and communities to provide reliable and compassionate assistance during times of crisis.

Our highly trained volunteers are equipped with resources to provide responsive and effective services to support animals and their owners during emergencies.

We believe that by supporting animal welfare, we can also help support the overall health and safety in our communities.





Our Homeless Vets and Pets Outreach is dedicated to serving those who are at risk or experiencing homelessness with their companion pets. Along with our partnerships and outside agencies, we are able to provide the necessary resources and services to homeless individuals and their beloved pets who are seeking shelter.

Providing these valuable resources breaks barriers homeless individual often encounter when seeking shelter with their companion pets. Offering these services enables individuals to move off the streets into transitional housing with their beloved companion.



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