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C.P.i.C provides emergency animal disaster response and relief services  committed to improving the well-being of animals and strengthening our communities resilience.

We work closely with emergency management agencies, animal welfare organizations, and communities to provide reliable and compassionate assistance during times of crisis.

Our highly trained volunteers are equipped with resources to provide responsive and effective services to support animals and their owners during emergencies.

We believe that by supporting animal welfare, we can also help support the overall health and safety in our communities.


C.P.i.C  attends multiple community events educating the public on Fire Prevention & Preparedness with pets, Pet first aid and CPR.

We also take it one step further by helping families develop a disaster preparedness, evacuation and recovery plan with their pets.

C.A.R.E Support Dogs

Our dedicated team of volunteers and trained therapy dogs provide comfort, support, and healing to first responders through visits to fire and police departments as well 911 dispatch centers.

Our focus is serving our first responder by provide a calming presence and bring comfort and joy to those in need.

Our goal is to alleviate stress and anxiety to those who have experienced traumatic events.


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