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Glendale Fire Dept.



The Glendale Fire Department recently recognized Lisa Martin, CPiC Founder and CEO, on International Women's Day 2021. 


Thank you GFD for your continued support, and for everything you do in the community!

Since 2010, Dog Days of Glendale has provided the community with a fun family day to enjoy a variety of activities, learn from the experts, and connect with other dog lovers. 

On February 27th, 2021, Dog Days 2021 was a virtual Zoom event for the first time, titled "The Effects of COVID on Our Pets".  After the live-stream, there was an in-person pet food collection for Companion Pets in Crisis.


This radio segment features Dan Weecks, of Companion Pets in Crisis, and Steve Wagner, Founder the RightCare Foundation. 

In a descriptive piece on the show "Health Futures", Dan and Steve provide an overview of the need for first response services in the State of Arizona, as well as some challenges which face first responders at the time of recording.

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