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Companion Pets in Crisis (CPiC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in Phoenix, Arizona.

CPiC is dedicated to providing support for pets during challenging times. Our organization focuses on offering resources, emergency assistance, and fostering solutions for pets facing crises, ensuring their well-being and preserving the human-animal bond. 


I could never imagine in my wildest dreams coming through this tragedy, without having received such heartfelt & immediate medical help & support for all my fur babies, thereby relieving my stress as well. I dare say, that  during one of my worst hours...just remembering all that your program & you did on site, for us, plus the hours, days & weeks, that followed & continue to follow, blows me away,  especially for my molly who was the worst affected by the fire & also for me & cookie, not to mention molly's 4 three week old baby pups, brings tears to my eyes. You, the program & all your counterparts are truly a God send to anyone during the worst moments, hours & day after a horrific & completely unexpected tragedy such as a fire, as in my case. I could never say enough about the value this program places on our fur angels so beloved by us.

Cindy C.

Who We Help

Companion Pets in Crisis "CPiC" Understands and celebrates the vital role that pets play in the lives of their devoted owners. Our mission revolves around nurturing and safeguarding the precious human-animal bond through a two-fold approach.


In the aftermath of residential disasters, CPiC steps in to support victims. We offer a lifeline by providing crucial resources, food, supplies, and assistance, ensuring that individuals can weather challenging times with their beloved pets by their side.


We are also committed to serving our homeless community. Through our  street outreach we provide essential resources for vetting, vaccinations, pet food, supplies, Spay/Neuter vouchers and assist with providing the required documents needed to enter shelter with their beloved pets.

This empowers individuals to transition from the streets to transitional housing, all while keeping their companion pets right by their side. 

We firmly believe that by addressing the unique challenges faced by pets in crisis, we contribute to building stronger, healthier communities. Our efforts not only safeguard the well-being of pets, but also promote empathy, responsible pet ownership, and community engagement. Through collaborative initiatives, education, and compassionate support, Companion Pets in Crisis aims to make a meaningful and lasting difference in the lives of pets and their owners.

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